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Authors: Ana Isabel Martinez-Ubeda, A.D. Warren, Ian Griffiths, Peter E.J. Flewitt
Abstract:A significant factor that influences the creep life of AISI Type 316H austenitic stainless steel components such as headers, and tubes is the...
Authors: Yohei Sonobe, Atsuhiro Koyama, Akihide Saimoto
Abstract:A new methodology that enables us to compute the arbitrary shaped 3D crack problems is studied. In the present method, it is possible to...
Authors: A. de Luca, Zahra Sharif Khodaei, Francesco Caputo
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to understand the effects of the damage criteria modelling on the training phase (performed by means of Finite...
Authors: Aniello Riccio, S. Saputo, Andrea Sellitto
Abstract:Low velocity impacts induce concurring failure phenomena in unidirectional fiber reinforced composites. Hence a refined methodology able to...
Authors: Andrei Kotousov, Zhuang He, Aditya Khanna
Abstract:The classical two-dimensional solutions of the theory of elasticity provide a framework of Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics. However, these...
Authors: Carlos López, Omar Bacarreza, Aitor Baldomir, Santiago Hernández, M.H. Ferri Aliabadi
Abstract:This paper presents a methodology to carry out Reliability-Based Design Optimization (RBDO) in composite stiffened panels. The target is to...
Authors: Barbara Sołtysik, Tomasz Falborski, Robert Jankowski
Abstract:Earthquakes are the most unpredictable damaging loads which can affect civil engineering structures. Due to insufficient separation distance...
Authors: Marcelo A.S. Torres, D.T. Harada, Carlos Antonio Reis Pereira Baptista, Maria P. Cindra Fonseca
Abstract:Shot peening is a method widely used to improve the fatigue strength of materials, through the creation of a compressive residual stress...
Authors: N. Eleftheroglou, D.S. Zarouchas, T.H. Loutas, Rene C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus
Abstract:The present study utilizes a state-of-the-art stochastic modeling with structural health monitoring (SHM) data derived from strain...
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