Proceedings of the 17th Conference on the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings (CRRB 2015)

Volume 714

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jana Daňková, Tereza Majstríková, Pavel Mec

Abstract: Water in liquid and gaseous form is the main factor which significantly affects degradation processes in the wood. The mechanism and rate of...

Authors: Markéta Šmidtová, Klára Kroftová

Abstract: The article addresses the discoloration of historic wood after application of nanotextiles. The nanofiber fabrics used for experimental...

Authors: Václav Kupilík, Petr Hejtmánek, Hana Najmanová

Abstract: Wooden claddings are often being used as a façade layout in recent times. However, there are many possible problems with this construction,...

Authors: Vera Hlavata, Pavel Kuklik, Martin Hataj

Abstract: Wood cells are composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. Geometrically we can idealize them as a set of hollow cylinders touching...

Authors: Zdeněk Prošek, Jaroslav Topič, Pavel Tesárek, Václav Nežerka, Vlastimil Králík

Abstract: This article discusses the potential impact of artificial drying to individual cells respectively cell wall, which pass through during the...

Authors: Pavel Klapálek, Zdeněk Prošek, Vlastimil Králík

Abstract: This article focuses on testing of glued laminated timber beams and researching their properties. The article mainly focuses on comparison...

Authors: Adéla Peterová, Petr Kotlík

Abstract: Consolidants based on silica gel have been widely used for the consolidation of decaying monuments. Consolidants reinforce building...

Authors: Tereza Otcovská, Petr Bittnar, Pavel Padevět

Abstract: The article is devoted to compare the properties of super absorbent polymers useful in concrete. The idea of using super absorbent polymers...

Authors: Pavla Ryparová, Zuzana Rácová

Abstract: Mold together with other microorganisms are belonging to the group of biodeteriogens which is common occurred on both the inner and outer...


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