Metal Forming 2016

Volume 716

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masaaki Otsu

Abstract: The results about friction stir incremental forming of light metals sheets from the beginning of development to the latest in the author’s...

Authors: Vladimir Stefanov Hristov, Kazunari Yoshida

Abstract: In recent years, due to its low density and high strength/weight ratio, magnesium alloy wires has been considered for application in many...

Authors: Hidetoshi Nagashima, Kazunari Yoshida

Abstract: High carbon steel wires, due to their high mechanical strength and high fatigue characteristics, have been widely used in industrial...

Authors: Shiori Gondo, Shinsuke Suzuki, Motoo Asakawa, Kosuke Takemoto, Kenichi Tashima, Satoshi Kajino

Abstract: The effect of areal reduction for one pass on mechanical properties of high carbon steel wire drawn using wet-type non-slip drawing machine...

Authors: Dario Baffari, Gianluca Buffa, Livan Fratini

Abstract: Friction Stir Extrusion is an innovative direct-recycling technology for metal machining chips. During the process a specifically designed...

Authors: Yeong Maw Hwang, Yu Chen, Sergei Alexandrov

Abstract: This paper aims to manufacture magnesium alloy tubes with gradient hardness using hot extrusion process. A two-stage porthole die together...

Authors: Andrij Milenin, Piotr Kustra, Dorota Byrska-Wójcik, Bartłomiej Plonka, Veronika Petráňová, Vladimír Hrbek, Jiří Němeček

Abstract: The paper is devoted to the development of a process of tubes extrusion from MgCa08 magnesium alloy. For optimization of extrusion process...

Authors: Gow Yi Tzou, Dyi Cheng Chen, Shih Hsien Lin

Abstract: This study proposes a cold drawing technology of wire rod with rotating die; it carries out an FEM simulation on rotating drawing using...

Authors: Tomasz Miłek

Abstract: The paper presents experimental and computer modelling (FEM) results of investigations into cold backward extrusion of copper cans. The...


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