Material Science and Engineering Seminar

Volume 717

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Wen Liu, Tao Zhuang, Guang Shui Yu, Shu Gao Zhao

Abstract: The effects of rotor speed and discharging temperature on silica 1165MP-SSBR 5025-2 interaction as well as the mechanical properties and...

Authors: Jun Mei Cheng, Shu Gao Zhao

Abstract: An attempt has been undertaken to assess the effect of RP-3 jet fuel and 4109 lubricant on the mechanical, swelling properties and...

Authors: Kun Tian Dai, Ying An, Zhi Wei Jiao, Jin Yu Zhuang, Yong Xin Qin, Yu Mei Ding, Wei Min Yang

Abstract: In this paper, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) dispersion behavior in epoxy resin under synergistic effect of continuous stretching flow and...

Authors: Cong Zhang, Liu Qin, Hua Chun Yu

Abstract: Super light micro foam particles of isotactic polypropylene (IPP) is prepared by the process of rapid evaporation method. The experiment...

Authors: Guang Shui Yu, Ji Wen Liu, Jun Mei Cheng, Chong Sun

Abstract: The formation and evolution of chemical-physical complex network during vulcanization in carbon black (CB) filled NR was investigated in...

Authors: Ruo Yun Wang, Jian Yun He, Ying An, Yong Kang Hu, Xin Hua Fu, Wei Min Yang, Jing Tan

Abstract: Tire simulation gradually becomes an important mean to ensure the quality of the tires. In order to guarantee the reliability of the...

Authors: Chang Jin Li, Liang Zhao Xiong, Cong Ji Yuan, Zhi Wei Jiao, Wei Min Yang

Abstract: Electrically conducting composites with a structure of alternating (A-B-A)n layers were prepared by a novel microlayer...

Authors: Shang Zhen Guo, Tao Zhuang, Xiao Fang Luan, Shu Gao Zhao

Abstract: We researched the reinforcement effect of commercial Zinc methacrylate (ZDMA) on ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), ZDMA was added to...

Authors: Wei Liu, Lin Li, Bing Kai Han, Cheng Zhong Zong

Abstract: Carbon black ( CB ) and silica were used as two-component fillers to enhance the practicability of rubber. In this study, the...


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