Engineering Materials and Technologies

Volume 718

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nguyen Thi Thuong, Nguyen Dang Mao, Bui Thi Phuong Quynh, Long Giang Bach

Abstract: In this research, the effect of adding a virgin Styrene Butadiene rubber (SBR) on the morphology and properties of Acrylonitrile Butadiene...

Authors: Chuenkhwan Tipachan, Somjai Kajorncheappunngam

Abstract: Nanocomposite films based on poly (lactic) acid (PLA) and organically nanoclay Perkalite were prepared by solvent casting method. The...

Authors: Norrawit Tonmitr, Kazuki Ganaha, Eiji Kaneko, Takehiro Hayashida

Abstract: Usage of polymer materials in a quenching chamber is one of the most effective methods of improving performance of an air circuit breaker...

Authors: Surachade Ketkaew, Pornnapa Kasemsiri, Uraiwan Pongsa, Salim Hiziroglu

Abstract: Properties of biodegrdable trays manufactured from cassava starch, sugarcane fibers and Origanum vulgare L. essential oils (OEO) were...

Authors: Kanokwan Seerod, Jantaravan Sangjumpa, Varinrumpai Seithtanabutara

Abstract: In this study, empty fruit bunch (EFB) was pretreated and bleached with 2.5 M NaOH at 80°C for 8 h and ClNaO for 12 h, respectively. Then it...

Authors: Thanunya Saowapark, Ekrachan Chaichana, Adisak Jaturapiree

Abstract: Molasses is an inexpensive byproduct made during the extraction of sugars from sugarcane. Viscous molasses was converted to powder form...

Authors: Thanyakon Saithanu, Amnart Suksri

Abstract: Electrical tree phenomenon is a long term degradation and can be found in solid insulator material. Its phenomenon will degrade the...

Authors: Sujirat Tepsila, Amnart Suksri

Abstract: Silicone rubber room temperature vulcanization (RTV) is widely used as an insulator. This paper aims to improve the electrical and...

Authors: Weerawate Utto, Rittirong Pruthtikul, Patcharee Malila, Athapol Noomhorm, John E. Bronlund

Abstract: In the present work effective film permeances to ethanol vapor (FPE) of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Nylon/PE films were determined...


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