Advanced Materials Research and Technologies

Volume 719

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Angshuman Sarkar, Shilabati Hembram, Subhranshu Chatterjee, Pritam Deb, Amitava Basu Mallick

Abstract: In the present investigation, FeCo/Cu core shell nanoparticles were prepared by coating a Cu layer over FeCo alloy nanoparticles through...

Authors: Zhuo Kai Qin, Jia Sheng Zhang, Yu Tian Yang, Jian Ju Luo, Wei Gao

Abstract: Model constructing was conducted with 3D Studio Max modeling technology for hardwood minute structure in three steps. In the first step, the...

Authors: Teng Fei Xiang, Shi Bing Ding, Cheng Li, Shun Li Zheng, Man Xin Zhang, Wei Hu, Jing Wang

Abstract: Superhydrophobic surfaces were fabricated on mild steel substrate by electrochemical deposition technique. The morphology of...

Authors: De Weng Tang, Zhi Feng He, Xi Jian Lv, Cong Peng

Abstract: Residual stresses induced during the process of high speed cutting are very critical due to safety and corrosion resistance. Based on the...

Authors: Ping Wang, Zhan Qu, Ying Cui

Abstract: The structure, distribution and evolution of micro-crack within the mud-shale are studied in this paper. The micro-fracture behavior of...

Authors: Wen Jun Chen, Jing Song Chen, Wen Bo Cheng, Lu Chun Zhao

Abstract: The application of composites in aircraft was introduced. And compare composites with metal materials. The conclusions referring to the...

Authors: J.L. Tang, H.Y. Liu, M.H. Gui, J.Y. Tang

Abstract: For 2519 aluminum alloy, there are very complex nonlinear relations among the thermal dynamical parameters in the process of deforming. In...

Authors: Madhu Bharadwaj, Prajwal Rao, Sowmianarayanan Srinivasan

Abstract: Many mechanical or structural components are subjected to multi-axial, irregular cyclic loading during service. The direction and amplitude...

Authors: Wen Yi Wang, Patrick Chi Leung Hui, Frency S.F. Ng, Chi Wai Kan, Clara B.S. Lau, Ping Chung Leung

Abstract: Poloxamer 407 exhibits remarkable reversible sol gel transition which makes it attractive and promising in the application of transdermal...


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