Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of 18Ni-300 Grade Maraging Steel Built Using the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Technology


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Maraging steels belong to the class of steels that are found to have a unique combination of ultra-high strength and good fracture toughness, due to which they find uses in critical applications such as aircraft forgings, pressure vessels, missile casings, hydraulic hoses etc. Several studies on the effect of cryogenic treatment on various grades of Tool steels & Maraging steels have shown significant improvements in mechanical properties and dimensional stability.DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), an additive manufacturing technology, is increasingly becoming popular to build intricate high quality functional parts & rapid prototypes. DMLS technology uses a high intensity laser to build components layer by layer, directly from CAD data without the need for tooling. It is possible to build internal features and passages that are not possible in conventional manufacturing routes. Maraging Steel is used extensively to build functional parts by DMLS process especially for Tool and Die applications. However, very few findings have been reported on the effect of cryogenic treatment on the mechanical properties of Maraging steel built through this route. In this study, effect of cryogenic treatment on Maraging Steel grade 300 built by DMLS process is discussed. Test specimens were built in horizontal and vertical directions to see the effect of build direction on the properties. Half the specimens were given standard DMLS precipitation hardening heat treatment and the rest were given cryogenic treatment in addition to routine thermal treatment. Mechanical properties such as - tensile, impact properties , hardness, & density between the two sets of treatments are reported and discussed. Metallurgical structures are compared and findings are also reported.



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Prof. Alan Kin Tak Lau and Prof. Zengtao Chen




C.A. Jagadish and N. Priyanka, "Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of 18Ni-300 Grade Maraging Steel Built Using the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Technology", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 719, pp. 114-121, 2017

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November 2016




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