Special Concrete and Composites 2016

Volume 722

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.722

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Authors: Jiří Štoller, Petr Dvořák

Abstract: The paper deals with field tests of cementitious composites suitable for protective structures and critical infrastructure. The tests of...

Authors: Miroslav Broucek, Michal Sejnoha, Pavel Reiterman

Abstract: The paper presents results from two large scale experiments on six concrete panels reinforced with steel fibers or bars obtained during an...

Authors: Yuliia Khmurovska, Petr Štemberk, Martin Petřík, Ippei Maruyama, Ondřej Holčapek

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical simulation and preliminary experimental investigation of bonding of concrete structures using cement and...

Authors: Frantisek Girgle, Lenka Bodnárová, Anna Matusikova, Vojtech Kostiha, Jan Prokeš, Ondřej Januš

Abstract: This paper deals with actual issues concerning the design and the utilization of modern composite reinforcement (FRP) in concrete...

Authors: Milan Rydval, Jiri Kolisko, Ivo Simunek

Abstract: Mechanical resistance of building materials exposed to high temperatures, e.g. fire loading or explosion damage, is one of parameters that...

Authors: Marcel Jogl

Abstract: The results of an experimental investigation of the influence of chopped alumina-silica bulk fibers on residual mechanical properties of...

Authors: Radka Pernicova, Daniel Dobiáš

Abstract: The article deals with the corrosive effects of acids on the selected surface layers of concrete with/ without an epoxy coating. Concrete...

Authors: Jan Fořt, Anton Trník, David Čítek, Zbyšek Pavlík

Abstract: The effect of high temperature load on mechanical properties and porosity of a newly designed Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced...

Authors: Markéta Kočová, Zdeňka Říhová, Jan Zatloukal

Abstract: Nowadays manipulation and depositing of high-level radioactive waste has become the most important issue, which needs to be solved....


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