Proceedings of International Conference on Material Science and Engineering 2016

Volume 723

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Wen Fan, Jian Min Wang, Guang Rao

Abstract: The microstructure evolution and grain-refining mechanism in the process of ultrafine grain preparation with combination of different heat...

Authors: Yuan Long Chen, Pei Di, Ming Fang, Wei Jie Chang

Abstract: In order to study the temperature regularity of inter-electrode gap in PECM, the multi-physical coupling model based on COMSOL Multiphysics...

Authors: Ze Ming Sun, Qi Fang Zhu, Zhi Gang Fan, Wen Xia, Shu Feng Liu, Yurii Sharkeev

Abstract: In this paper, a new method mesoscopic been studied for metal material deformation to fracture process. In the polycrystalline material...

Authors: Tsutomu Ito, Takashi Mizuguchi

Abstract: In this study, the superplastic behavior on a fine-grained aluminum solid solution alloy consisting of thermally unstable microstructures...

Authors: Ines Hamdi, Zakaria Boumerzoug

Abstract: The precipitation sequence of an Al-Mg-Si alloy depends on many parameters. In this study the natural aging effect on the activation energy...

Authors: Irina Garkina, Alexander Danilov, Vladimir Selyaev

Abstract: It is proposed to use an algorithm for synthesis of composite products with the help of classical optimal control theory, it includes:...

Authors: Jiu Hui Li, Dong Ye He, Xuan Tao Zheng, Gao Liang Ding

Abstract: In aluminum alloy sheet metal forming process, annealing treatment can improve the mechanical properties. The tensile test for different...

Authors: Hua Liang Wan, Qi Zhi Wang, Hui Xing Lin

Abstract: As we know, the fatigue performance of AM materials is highly associated with the microstructure. The fatigue performance of additive...

Authors: Yan Li, Jin Juan Fu, Li Guang Yang

Abstract: The present work attempts to study the effect of important process parameters on material removal rate in electro-discharge machining of...


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