A New Design of Energy Absorbing Bolt


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Rock movement caused by external explosion loading can damage the nearby tunnel or cavern.To avoid damage, energy absorbing bolts with high load-displacement and large energy absorptioncapacities are required. The deformation and friction of the bolt absorb energy during the rock movementand preventing the structure from damage. To maximize the energy absorption capacity in the limitedspace inside the borehole, we developed a new bolt that utilizes the friction and plastic deformation ofthe sleeve. To develop the new bolt, FE simulation in Abaqus was used to improve designs beforefabrication. Two prototypes of the new design was fabricated and tested by static pull test. The resultsshowed the bolts yielded in the desired way. The experimental results prove the new bolt is capable ofabsorbing large amount of energy and accommodating large displacement.



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Fusahito Yoshida and Hiroshi Hamasaki




S. C. Liu et al., "A New Design of Energy Absorbing Bolt", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 725, pp. 162-167, 2017

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December 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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