Structural and Smart Materials

Volume 729

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ruo Shan Lei, Ming Pu Wang, Guang Run Chen, Yin Yan Li

Abstract: This paper presents the synthesis of a Cu-0.5wt%Nb alloy via mechanical alloying (MA) and subsequent hot pressing. The evolutions of the...

Authors: Tae Kyung Kim, Dong Kwon Oh, Kwang Ju Lee

Abstract: Use of correct values of material properties is important in structural analysis. When incorrect values are used in the analysis, engineers...

Authors: Guang Yong Yang, Yang Zhong, Zhi Fei Qiu, Jun Wang, Wei Na Li, Fu Guo Li

Abstract: NiTi shape memory alloy is an intelligent drive and awareness materials which develop very rapidly and is used in many fields in recent...

Authors: Xing Tan, Tie Lin Fan, Feng Qing Zhao

Abstract: The phase change energy storage aggregate was prepared with the eutectic mixture of capric acid (CA) and stearic acid (SA) as phase change...

Authors: Thitipob Sirisoontornpanit, Atichat Wongkoblab, Supunnee Junpirom

Abstract: SUZ-4 zeolite was synthesized by the sol-gel technique, followed by hydrothermal process. The effect of the molar ratio of rice husk ash...

Authors: Zheng Wen Yuan, Shu Min Zhu, Yong Neng Lu, Xi Lu

Abstract: Q345 is a material which is applied widely in wheel loader boom. The loader boom is manufactured by flame cutting process, while the flame...

Authors: Shi Jiang, Yang Li, Yan Ping Cheng

Abstract: Wet recycling method was utilized for recycling manganese from waste Zn-Mn batteries to obtain MnCO3. It was indicated that...

Authors: Wei Bing Kong, Xin Xin Li, Xin Ping Hu

Abstract: AlMg5Si1-xRE (x=0%, 0.9%) alloys were prepared by resistance melting method, and the phases of alloy were analyzed by X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Chun Bo Lan, Yu Wu, Feng Chen

Abstract: Ti-35Nb-2Zr-0.3O (wt.%) alloy was melted under high-purity argon atmosphere in an electric arc furnace, followed by cold rolling. The...


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