Contemporary Materials and Technologies in Civil Engineering

Volume 731

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tereza Valentová, Jan Valentin

Abstract: Deterioration of asphalt pavements by water immersion and increased moisture content, presents one of the principal issues for pavement...

Authors: Tereza Houšková, Zuzana Rácová, Pavla Ryparová

Abstract: Mold and algae are primitive organisms that cause biological degradation of many type of construction materials. Subsequent remediation of...

Authors: Vladimír Hrbek, Veronika Koudelková

Abstract: The evaluation of heterogeneous materials used in civil engineering on the microscopic level has become important aspect in proper...

Authors: Michal Havrlík, Pavla Ryparová

Abstract: The nanofiber textile was made by electrospinning on device Nanospider LB 500 (Elmarco, CR). The original basic polymer solution contains...

Authors: Jan Suda, Jan Valentin

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental verification of the alternative options for using by-products or mineral waste materials applied to cold...

Authors: Jaroslav Topič, Zdeněk Prošek

Abstract: The paper deals with the influence of level of grinding of the recycled concrete. Level of grinding mostly influence the hydration heat...

Authors: Jan Trejbal, Pavel Tesárek, Štěpán Potocký

Abstract: Presented work is focused on the time depend wettability deterioration of plasma treated polymeric macro-fibers. The commercial fibers...

Authors: Karel Brambora, Eva Burgetová

Abstract: While the matters of the moisture of external walls of historical buildings it turned out that apart from classical sources of moisture...

Authors: Martin Černohorský, Michal Havrlík

Abstract: This work deals with the determination of basic waterproofing properties of nanofiber textiles with basis weights of up to 30...


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