Small Sample Test Technique

Volume 734

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Karel Matocha, Roger Hurst

Abstract: The development and practical use of the Small Punch test technique for the evaluation of mechanical properties of metallic materials in...

Authors: Martin Abendroth

Abstract: In recent years the small punch test method has become an attractive alternative compared to traditional material testing procedures,...

Authors: G.A. Jackson, Hao Chen, Wei Sun, D. Graham McCartney

Abstract: Thermal barrier coatings (TBC’s) protect superalloy components from excessively high temperatures in gas turbines. TBC’s comprise of a...

Authors: Henry Illsley, Robert Lancaster, Roger Hurst, Spencer Jeffs, Gavin Baxter

Abstract: Small punch (SP) tensile testing provides several advantages over conventional test techniques for mechanical property characterisation of...

Authors: Robert Lancaster, Henry Illsley, Roger Hurst, Spencer Jeffs, Gavin Baxter

Abstract: Miniaturised mechanical test approaches are now widely recognised as an established means of obtaining useful mechanical property...

Authors: Petr Dymáček, Ferdinand Dobeš, Luboš Kloc

Abstract: Small punch testing under constant deflection rate, constant force and constant deflection (i.e. force relaxation) were performed on the new...

Authors: Roberto Lacalle, David Andrés, José Alberto Álvarez, Federico Gutiérrez-Solana

Abstract: The behaviour of the materials in ductile-brittle transition region must be known when performing structural integrity assessments of...

Authors: Karel Matocha, Ondrej Dorazil, Roger Hurst

Abstract: The principal difference between the SP testing technique and standardized Impact testing lies in the fact that the SP tests carried out in...

Authors: Sean Davies, Robert Lancaster, Spencer Jeffs, Gavin Baxter

Abstract: Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) technologies, such as Powder Bed Direct Laser Deposition (PB-DLD), have gained increasing popularity...


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