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Authors: Ivan Balaz, Yvona Kolekova, Michal Kovac, Ivana Veghova
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:Calculation of the cross-sectional properties of the concrete box-girder with two-cells using Vlasov`s theory and Generalized Beam Theory....
Authors: Norbert Jendzelovsky, Kristina Zabakova Vrablova
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:Voided slabs using voids formed by permanent fillers or removable forms have been used in reinforced concrete floor systems for more than 100...
Authors: Lukáš Lyčka, Petr Štěpánek
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:The use of flat slabs in constructions due to its many functional and economic advantages is wide-spread. Behavior of flat slabs in shear and...
Authors: Pavol Marton
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:In this paper the response of a reinforced concrete slab to a time variable load is presented. The time course of loading is in the first...
Authors: Miroslav Ignacak, Lydia Matiaskova, Julius Soltesz
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:When concrete structures with specific performance requirements call for cracking to be avoided, a reliable crack assessment of hardening...
Authors: Anna Matusikova, Petra Rozehnalova, Frantisek Girgle, Vojtech Kostiha, Petr Štěpánek
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:Mathematical models which can sufficiently describe processes proceeding in concrete during fire play an important role when assessing a load...
Authors: Vladimira Michalcova, Lenka Lausova, Iveta Skotnicova, Sergej Kuznetsov
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:Wind climate influencing wind loads on buildings and other structures, as well as the dispersion of pollutants from various surfaces is...
Authors: Katarina Tvrda, Jana Drienovska
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:This article deals with determination of the strain of the beam caused by the creep effect. Instant deflection and simulation of creep...
Authors: Katarina Tvrda, Marek Vasecka
Chapter 1: Structural Analysis
Abstract:This paper is devoted to an analysis of the ceiling slab using conventional and advanced technologies, namely, lightweight panels using...
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