Features of the Defectiveness of Nanomodified High-Strength Lightweight Concrete Based on Hollow Microspheres


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The paper presents the results of defectiveness study of high-strength lightweight concrete. It was shown that the three stages of the acoustic emission energy kinetics with different intensity and duration characterize the processes of defect formation. It was found that the introduction of hollow ceramic microspheres into fine-grained sand concrete to a certain extent provides the formation of the concrete structure with a longer "safety zone" (i.e. the stage when the load increase does not lead to a substantial increase in acoustic emission energy and strains). It was found that the reduction of the structural defects of high-strength lightweight concrete with high content of hollow microspheres is possible by the use of nanomodifier at the phase boundary. It was shown that the greater effect is achieved for nanomodified high-strength lightweight concrete with average density of 1300-1500 kg/m3.



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Georgii E. Osokin and Ekaterina A. Kulinich




A. S. Inozemtcev and E. V. Korolev, "Features of the Defectiveness of Nanomodified High-Strength Lightweight Concrete Based on Hollow Microspheres", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 743, pp. 68-72, 2017

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July 2017




* - Corresponding Author

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