Orthopedic Biomaterials - From Materials Science to Clinical Applications

Volume 745

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.745

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Authors: Fabrizio Fiori, Emmanuelle Girardin, Vladimir S. Komlev, Adrian Manescu, Franco Rustichelli

Abstract: In the last decades, very significant advances have been made for what concerns bone and joint substitution and in the repair and...

Authors: Florina Daniela Ivan, Vera Balan, Maria Butnaru, Ionel Marcel Popa, Liliana Verestiuc

Abstract: Considering its functions (support, protection, assisting in movement and storage of minerals), the bone is an essential organ for the human...

Authors: Ion Bogdan Codorean, Stefania Tanase, Eduard Cernat, Florin Diaconu, Dragos Popescu, Alexandru Cirlan, Stefan Mitulescu

Abstract: The lack of meniscal tissue increases the risk of early cartilage degeneration. Classic treatment includes suturing and partial...

Authors: Simona Cavalu

Abstract: The history of acrylic bone cement comprise a long period of time, Sir John Charnley being considered the founder of modern artificial joint...

Authors: Razvan Adam, Horia Orban, Elisa Plopeanu, Dan Voinescu, Adrian Barbilian

Abstract: Biodegradable magnesium-based alloys shows good prospects in their use as biodegradable orthopedic materials. The aim of this study is to...

Authors: Brandusa Ghiban, Florentina Catalina Varlan, Marius Niculescu, Dan Voinescu

Abstract: The manner of studying of the fracture modes could be done through fractography. Fractography is the study of fracture surface morphologies...

Authors: Rodica Marinescu, Claudiu Socoliuc, Iozefina Botezatu, Dan Laptoiu, Dan Voinescu

Abstract: Metallosis is an adverse event developed in relation with an orthopedic implant. It was brought into attention by metal on metal total hip...

Authors: Ioan Cristescu, Daniel Vilcioiu, Florin Safta, Mircea Istodorescu, Claudia Milea, Fabrizio Fiori, Ileana Mates, Ioan Lascar

Abstract: Open wounds treatment is very often a challenge for both the physician and patient. They require long term complex treatment with surgical...

Authors: Razvan Ene, Zsombor Panti, Mihai Nica, Marian Pleniceanu, Patricia Ene, Monica Cîrstoiu, Catalin Cirstoiu

Abstract: Acute dislocation of the patella is a very common injury of the knee. In more than 90% of the cases the medial patellofemoral ligament...


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