Mechanics of Masonry Structures Strengthened with Composite Materials II

Volume 747

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Daniele Baraldi, Antonella Cecchi

Abstract: A discrete model with rigid blocks and elastic-plastic interfaces is adopted for studying the collapse behavior of in-plane loaded masonry...

Authors: Giancarlo Ramaglia, Gian Piero Lignola, Francesco Fabbrocino, Andrea Prota

Abstract: Among masonry buildings characterized by a complex architecture, a significant portion is represented by heritage buildings. A significant...

Authors: Massimiliano Lucchesi, Barbara Pintucchi, Nicola Zani

Abstract: This paper deals with non linear elastic materials for which not all the stresses are admis-sible but only those which belong to the stress...

Authors: Marco Piedigrossi, Simona Coccia, Fabio di Carlo

Abstract: Unreinforced masonry (URM) structures represent most of the world architectural heritage, whose vulnerability has been also...

Authors: Matteo Bruggi, Alberto Taliercio

Abstract: An innovative approach is proposed to define the optimal fiber-reinforcement of in-plane loaded masonry walls, modeled as linear elastic...

Authors: Daniel Meloni, Barbara de Nicolo

Abstract: Countries like Italy have to face the constant issue of preserving and renewing existing buildings, both for the sake of conservation of the...

Authors: Daniele Ferretti, Eva Coisson, Marco Rozzi

Abstract: The present paper concentrates on the numerical modelling of masonry vaults, adopting a type of analysis first developed at the University...

Authors: Gemma Mininno, Bahman Ghiassi, Daniel V. Oliveira

Abstract: Tensile Reinforced Mortars (TRMs) are promising composites that address the compatibility demands required for strengthening of masonry and...

Authors: Erasmo Viola, Francesco Tornabene, Nicholas Fantuzzi, Michele Bacciocchi

Abstract: The present study aims to show a novel numerical approach for investigating composite structures wherein inclusions and discontinuities are...


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