Study on Surface Roughness of Al2024 Alloy during Shot Peening Process Based on Finite Element Method


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Based on the explicit dynamic analysis method, the finite element models of successive shots and multiple shots for shot peening process are established by using LS-DYNA software.The simulations of the elastic-plastic dynamic process of shots impacting on a metallic target during shot peening process were accomplished. For Al2024-T3 alloy plate, the surface roughness induced by shot peening is studied and the effect of overlapping on the general trend is evaluated.The analysis results show that the surface roughness increases rapidly at the initial stage of shot peening and forms micro-scale pits. With the increase of the coverage, the surface deformation increased slowly when the surface coverage reached 100%.



Edited by:

Katsuyuki Kida and Koshiro Mizobe




X. Zheng and D. W. Gao, "Study on Surface Roughness of Al2024 Alloy during Shot Peening Process Based on Finite Element Method", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 748, pp. 229-234, 2017

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August 2017




* - Corresponding Author

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