BiomMedD VII

Volume 752

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Timea Gherman, Marioara Moldovan, Miuţa Filip, Trifoi Ancuța, Maria Râpă, Stanca Cuc

Abstract: In this study urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA) based dental resin materials were synthesized. Urethane methacrylate oligomers (UDMO) were...

Authors: Florin Baciu, Aurelia Rusu-Casandra, Claudia Bratosin

Abstract: The management of traumatic dental caries in primary teeth has the main objective to avoid their consequences that can affect the immediate...

Authors: Diana Sucala, Codruța Sarosi, Stanca Cuc, Marioara Moldovan, Catalin Popa

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the interface ultrastructure at dentin and hybrid layer formed by novel adhesives with...

Authors: Miuţa Filip, Laura Silaghi-Dumitrescu, Doina Prodan, Codruța Sarosi, Marioara Moldovan, Ileana Cojocaru

Abstract: The present study reports the analytical approaches for characterization of teeth whitening gels based on natural extracts of fruits and...

Authors: Vincentiu Săceleanu, Elena Teodora Tâlvan, Mihai Iulian Făgeţan, Calin Mohor, Alexandru Vlad Ciurea

Abstract: Cranioplasty of frontal skull defects are used for cosmetic reasons, helping correct disfigurement, but also play a critical role in...

Authors: Mugur George Popescu, Diana Marian, Teodora Ștefănescu, Aurora Antoniac, Teodora Eva Lucaciu Lupulescu, Radu Elisei, Elisabeta Vasca

Abstract: Endodontic retreatment with direct crown access is the main choice in cases of endodontic treatment failure, even if the practitioner`s...

Authors: Anca Porumb, Adrian Almasi, Simona Cavalu, Cristian Ratiu

Abstract: Anodontia or dental agenesis in children is difficult to treat, as the child is smaller. The treatment of anodontia is a complex one, it is...

Authors: Mihaela Boț, Simona Vlădăreanu, Radu Vlădăreanu, Răzvan Petca, Mona Zvâncă, Dan Cristian Radu, Aida Petca

Abstract: Stress incontinence is a major social and health problem for middle-aged and elderly women, with an increasing prevalence as life expectancy...

Authors: Aida Petca, Dan Cristian Radu, Mona Zvâncă, Bogdan Mastalier-Manolescu, Răzvan Petca, Mihaela Boț

Abstract: With the increasing number of births by Caesarean section a new pathology has made its presence felt, linked to the scarring of the low...


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