Structural and Mechanical Engineering for Security and Prevention

Volume 755

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pavel Manas, Radek Vrana, Zdenek Hejmal, Branislav Dubec

Abstract: Recycled rubber materials are one of cheap and suitable materials for energy absorbers in protective structures. Standard tests of...

Authors: Mohamed Abdel-Mooty, Sayed Alhayawei, Mohamed Issa

Abstract: Mitigation of the blast risk associated with terrorist attacks and accidental explosions threatening critical infrastructure has become a...

Authors: Corneliu Cismaşiu, Hugo Bento Rebelo, Válter J.G. Lúcio, Manuel T.M.S. Gonçalves, Gabriel J. Gomes, José P.F. Basto

Abstract: The present paper aims to examine the potential of the Applied Element Method (AEM) in simulating the blast effects in RC panels. The...

Authors: Martin Benda, Marek Hanák

Abstract: The article deals with the provisional bridging systems that are being used in the Czech Republic area. The main and mostly deployed bridge...

Authors: Miroslava Vandlíčková, Jozef Vraniak

Abstract: The development of the new technologies has also brought new possibilities of the wood processing, wood shaping and wood materials tending....

Authors: Anton S. Bychkov, Alexander A. Karabutov, Elena V. Savateeva, Yulia G. Sokolovskaya, Vasily P. Zarubin, Dmitry V. Morozov, Lucia Figuli

Abstract: Theoretical assessments are given for the use of the through-transition technique of broadband ultrasonic spectroscopy to determine porosity...

Authors: Adelaida Fanfarová

Abstract: This manuscript presents the experimental testing and assessment of the combustible material behavior with a focus on modification by fire...

Authors: Alexander N. Kravcov, Pavel Svoboda, Vaclav Pospíchal, Dmitry V. Morozov, Pavel N. Ivanov

Abstract: In relation to extraction of coal seams at significant depths, the issue of protection of safety equipment against pressure exerted by rock...

Authors: Stanislav Lichorobiec, Lucia Figuli

Abstract: The aim of solved problem is a development of a new invasive means for improvised explosive devices deactivation. The idea is a quick and...


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