Investigation of Flux-Less Soldering of Metal Matrix Composite and Ceramics by Use of Zn Solder


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The work was dealing with direct soldering of Al2O3 ceramics and a metal/ceramic composite (MMC) with Al matrix. The joints were fabricated by application of flux-less process by use of a hot plate at the assistance of ultrasound with frequency of 40 kHz. The experiments were performed by use of Zn6Al6Ag solder. Wetting was attained on both substrates. The joints of a good quality were fabricated. The soldering temperature was 420 °C. The microstructural studies of interface have revealed a transient zone of Al dissolving on the side of MMC and formation of Zn oxides on the side of ceramics, which were responsible for bond formation.



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Prof. Gu Xu




R. Koleňák and I. Kostolný, "Investigation of Flux-Less Soldering of Metal Matrix Composite and Ceramics by Use of Zn Solder", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 759, pp. 29-34, 2018

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January 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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