Utilization of Tobacco Raw Material into Biofuel


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As the fifth largest tobacco market in the world, most of the tobacco raw material in Indonesia is utilized for cigarette production. People still unfamiliar with the notion of utilizing tobacco leaves for another purpose. This paper will try to propose a new way to derive benefit from tobacco leaves into biofuel. The method will be done through literature review. The study was focused on 3 things, mainly the potency of tobacco leaves in Indonesia, obtaining and handling raw material and potential market of biodiesel itself. This research resulted that currently, tobacco need to develop in Indonesia because Indonesia is a potential country in the development of biodiesel, especially biodiesel made from tobacco. We also concluded that biodiesel from tobacco has an advantage in terms of increased productivity of oil and biodiesel from tobacco mixed by ordinary diesel can produce lower combustion emissions and improve the performance of diesel engines. Also the market of biodiesel products is still wide open. This market covers the domestic market and international market. In the end of this paper we recomended, the governementt must increase the socialization of the benefits tobacco oil, more tobacco biodiesel industry investment, the new tax policy on tobacco biodiesel and create research agreement with Pertamina or other petroleum industries to build biodiesel industry of tobacco in national scale or international scale.



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A. Ahmad et al., "Utilization of Tobacco Raw Material into Biofuel", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 765, pp. 99-105, 2018

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March 2018




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