Microstructures and Dielectric Constants of Ba0.05SrxCa0.95-xTiO3 (x=0, 0.225, 0.475, 0.725 and 0.95) Synthesized by the Solution Combustion Technique


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Barium strontium calcium titanate is a dielectric material exploited in fabrication of electronic devices such as capacitors, signal filters and satellite components. Dielectric properties can be enhanced through compositional and microstructural control. This study, therefore, aimed at synthesizing barium strontium calcium titanate (Ba0.05SrxCa0.95-xTiO3, where x = 0, 0.225, 0.475, 0.725 and 0.95) powders by a solution combustion technique. The powders were pressed, sintered at 1450°C and tested for their properties. Experimental results revealed that strontium content did not significantly influence chemical composition, particle sizes and density. All powders exhibited a single phase corresponding to Ba0.05SrxCa0.95-xTiO3 with fine particles with the average size smaller than 0.4 micrometer. All sintered samples had density higher than 95% of theoretical density. On the contrary, the results indicated that strontium content affected grain size, grain morphology and dielectric constant of the sintered samples. The highest dielectric constant of 531 (at 1 MHz) was achieved in the Ba0.05Sr0.225Ca0.725TiO3. Dielectric constant was discussed with respect to microstructure.



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Dr. Somnuk Sirisoonthorn, Dr. Sirithan Jiemsirilers, Thanakorn Wasanapiarnpong, Dr. Nutthita Chuankrerkkul, Rojana Pornprasertsuk, Nisanart Traiphol and Pornapa Sujaridworakun




O. Jongprateep et al., "Microstructures and Dielectric Constants of Ba0.05SrxCa0.95-xTiO3 (x=0, 0.225, 0.475, 0.725 and 0.95) Synthesized by the Solution Combustion Technique", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 766, pp. 197-204, 2018

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April 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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