Joint Effect of Steel Addition and Press-and-Sinter on the Properties of Low-Cost PM Ti Alloys


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Cheap alloying elements and creative processing techniques are a way forward to open up more industrial opportunities for Ti in sectors where it is not extensively applied yet, rather than in aerospace and biomedical applications. This study focuses on understanding the joint effect of using a commercial steel powder to add Fe to pure Ti and its processing by press-and-sinter on the behaviour of low-cost PM Ti alloys. It is found that the calibrated addition of steel permits to develop new low-cost Fe-bearing Ti alloys that can satisfactorily be produced using the blending elemental PM approach. Densification of the samples and homogenization of the chemical composition are enhanced by the high diffusivity of Fe. The low-cost α+β alloys reach comparable physical and mechanical properties to those of wrought-equivalent PM Ti alloys, such as Ti-6Al-4V, and are therefore promising candidates for load-bearing lightweight products.



Edited by:

Huiping Tang, Ma Qian, Yong Liu, Peng Cao and Gang Chen




L. Bolzoni et al., "Joint Effect of Steel Addition and Press-and-Sinter on the Properties of Low-Cost PM Ti Alloys", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 770, pp. 248-254, 2018

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May 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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