Medium-Frequency Electrical Resistance Sintering of Highly Oxidized Iron Powder


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Highly oxidized iron powders were consolidated by means of the medium-frequency electrical resistance sintering technique (MF-ERS). In order to activate the powders and to disperse the oxides coating the particles, prior to the consolidation process, powders were milled in a high-energy mill for 7 minutes. Structural and mechanical characterisations of electrically consolidated compacts were carried out in order to study the effect of two main processing parameters (current intensity and heating time). The compact properties resulted to be very sensitive to these parameters, especially to the current intensity. A change from 5 kA to 10 kA in the current intensity makes the porosity to fall from 30% to 8%. Moreover, using a higher current intensity (10 kA) increases the mechanical properties of the final compacts: micro-hardness change in almost 50 HV, up to 104 HV 1, and compression resistance by around 500 MPa, up to 569 MPa.



Edited by:

Takashi Amemiya, Xuelin Lei and Xiong Qi Peng




R. Astacio et al., "Medium-Frequency Electrical Resistance Sintering of Highly Oxidized Iron Powder", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 772, pp. 113-117, 2018

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July 2018




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