Effectiveness of RAPID and SSM Algorithms on Composite Scarf Repair


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This work focuses on diagnostic methodologies for composite repair patch based on structural health monitoring (SHM) technology. Methodologies based on ultrasonic guided waves (GW) are developed and assessed for monitoring composite scarf repair with piezoelectric transducers. The effectiveness of the RAPID (reconstruction algorithm for probabilistic inspection of defects) algorithm was investigated for adhesively bonded composite patch repair. A composite scarf repair has been weakened by 4-point bending fatigue test and impacted after to generate a Barely Visible Damage (BVID). Both conventional RAPID technique, which requires baseline signals, and the Scaling Subtraction Method (SSM) were applied to detect damage in the bondline. The conventional method showed good performance for defect detection and localization whereas the SSM gives encouraging results for non-linear baseline-free RAPID.



Edited by:

Luis Rodríguez-Tembleque, Jaime Domínguez and Ferri M.H. Aliabadi




F. Lambinet et al., "Effectiveness of RAPID and SSM Algorithms on Composite Scarf Repair", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 774, pp. 535-540, 2018

Online since:

August 2018




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