Modelling Cracked Cross-Ply Laminates with Delamination Buckling


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The mechanical behavior of cross-ply laminates loaded under in-plane compression containing matrix cracks and delaminations is investigated in order to study their influence on the structural stability behavior. This is done by employing a semi-analytical modelling approach which comprises an analytical framework for a structural stability analysis of damageable structures and the Equivalent Constrained Model for deriving reduced stiffness properties of the cracked layers. Cross-ply laminates with varying delamination depths as well as varying matrix crack densities are studied.



Edited by:

Luis Rodríguez-Tembleque, Jaime Domínguez and Ferri M.H. Aliabadi




A. Köllner et al., "Modelling Cracked Cross-Ply Laminates with Delamination Buckling", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 774, pp. 60-65, 2018

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August 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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