Practical Research of Evaporation Control of Fuel Storage in Horizontal Oil Tank


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Based on the special designed fluorinated hollow polymeric spheres, the practical research of their evaporation control is studied in a horizontal oil tank. The hollow spheres could float on the surface of fuel oil, which is proved as an effective method to resolve the evaporation loss problem. Compared with the oil tank without hollow spheres, the evaporation control method would reduce as much as about 73.1% fuel evaporation loss in practical experiments. The results suggest a potential significant application of the evaporation control method in the fields of the fuel storage and transport.



Edited by:

Marina Polyakova




J. Ma et al., "Practical Research of Evaporation Control of Fuel Storage in Horizontal Oil Tank", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 779, pp. 142-146, 2018

Online since:

September 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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