Synthesis of Nanoporous ZrTiO4, Ti2ZrO6 Containing Ceramic Materials


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Sol-gel technology allows the synthesis of powders and nanoporous materials with a complicated structure and morphology, improving the reactivity of the synthesized material. Nanoparticles of ternary oxide ZrO2-SiO2-TiO2 system have properties ascendant to those of the pure components. In the present work, the powders of the ZrO2-SiO2-TiO2 system were obtained by a sol-gel technology. The powder particles were homogenized with a high energy milling process for 1 or 6 hours. The acquired particles and nanoporous ceramic materials, after sintering at 800 OC and 1000 OC, were characterized by X-ray diffraction, particle size distribution, compressive strength tests, BET specific surface area and porosity analysis.



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Gundars Mežinskis, Līga Grase, Ruta Švinka, Ilona Pavlovska, Jānis Grabis, Kęstutis Baltakys and Irina Hussainova




M. Karpe et al., "Synthesis of Nanoporous ZrTiO4, Ti2ZrO6 Containing Ceramic Materials", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 788, pp. 89-95, 2018

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November 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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