Effect of LaNiO3 Buffer Layer on the Electrical and Optical Properties of Nonpolar ZnO Film Deposited on (100) Si Substrate


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Nonpolar ZnO films are deposited on (100) Si substrate using LaNiO3 conducting buffer layer by radio frequency sputtering. X-ray diffraction results show that ZnO films are (110) and (002) orientation with and without LaNiO3 buffer layer. The current behavior of ZnO/LaNiO3 heterojunction exhibits ohmic conduction which is different from the diode-like rectification current behavior of ZnO film using insulated buffer layers. The photoluminescence properties indicate that the (110)-oriented nonpolar ZnO film has better band-edge emission than that of (002)-oriented polar ZnO film. It is suggested that LaNiO3 buffer layer can be used to deposit silicon-based ZnO film with well ohmic contact electrode in optoelectronic devices.



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Henry Hu and Gu Xu




Q. L. Zhao et al., "Effect of LaNiO3 Buffer Layer on the Electrical and Optical Properties of Nonpolar ZnO Film Deposited on (100) Si Substrate", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 793, pp. 29-34, 2019

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January 2019




* - Corresponding Author

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