Neutron Powder Diffraction Investigation of Pd2.7Ni0.3P0.94


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Pd3P, which crystallises in the cementite, Fe3C-type structure, forms a solid solution with nickel. The crystal structure contains two crystallographically different palladium sites (8d and 4c). Refinements of neutron powder diffraction intensities using the Rietveld method show that all nickel atoms occupy the eight-fold position. The unit cell parameters were refined to a=5.7812(4) Å, b=7.4756(6) Å and c=5.1376(4) Å, for Pd2.7Ni0.3P0.94.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 443-444)

Edited by:

Yvonne Andersson, Eric J. Mittemeijer and Udo Welzel




M. Vennström and Y. Andersson, "Neutron Powder Diffraction Investigation of Pd2.7Ni0.3P0.94", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 443-444, pp. 353-356, 2004

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January 2004




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