X-Ray Scattering from Thin Films and Multilayers


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Capability of the X-ray scattering for study of low-dimensional structures is illustrated on few examples. They are focused to the phase analysis, residual stress measurement, calculation of the stress-free lattice parameters, investigation of the anisotropic lattice deformation and preferred orientation in UN thin films. Further, the study of concentration profiles in functionally graded hard-metals and investigation of the multilayer degradation caused by soft annealing are discussed.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 443-444)

Edited by:

Yvonne Andersson, Eric J. Mittemeijer and Udo Welzel




D. Rafaja, "X-Ray Scattering from Thin Films and Multilayers", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 443-444, pp. 65-70, 2004

Online since:

January 2004





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