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Authors: Matteo Leoni
Abstract:The role of grain surfaces and interfaces in nanocrystalline materials is investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD). Two apparently distinct...
Authors: Scott Habershon, David Albesa-Jové, Eugene Y. Cheung, Giles W. Turner, Roy L. Johnston, Kenneth D.M. Harris
Abstract:Solids that can be prepared only as microcrystalline powders are not suitable for structural investigation using single ...
Authors: Angela Altomare, Corrado Cuocci, Carmelo Giacovazzo, Anna Grazia, Anna Grazia Giuseppina Moliterni, Rosanna Rizzi
Abstract:The ab-initio crystal structure solution via powder diffraction data is often uncomplete. A recent procedure POLPO [1] aims at ...
Authors: Giovanni Berti, U. Bartoli, M. D'Acunto, F. De Marco
Abstract:Reproducibility of diffraction experiments provides an indication of data consistency with respect to different variables. The ...
Authors: Giovanni Berti, Rob Delhez, S. Norval, B. Peplinski, E. Tolle, J. Verollet
Abstract:This paper outlines the standardisation process for the XRPD method that is currently being considered by a Working Group (WG10) of...
Authors: V. Favre-Nicolin, R. Černý
Abstract:Program FOX for ab initio crystal structure determination from powder diffraction uses global optimization algorithms to find the correct...
Authors: Ewa Grzanka, Bogdan F. Palosz, Stanislaw Gierlotka, Svetlana Stelmakh, Roman Pielaszek, Ulrich Bismayer, J. Neuefeind, P. Jóvári, W. Palosz
Abstract:A considerable fraction of atoms in nanosize particles is at the grain surface (due to the small size of the crystals). We assume that the...
Authors: B. Peplinski, R. Kleeberg, J. Bergmann, J. Wenzel
Abstract:On the basis of data gathered in connection with a certification project, problems were investigated that impair the accuracy of quantitative...
Authors: E. Estevez-Rams, R. Lora, A. Penton, B. Aragon-Fernandez, Hartmut Fuess
Authors: B. Gržeta, D. Medaković, S. Popović
Abstract:A new method for estimation of the magnesium fraction in magnesian calcite is described. It involves measuring the XRD pattern...
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