Thermal Properties and Fracture Behavior of Compositionally Graded Al-SiCp Composites


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Compositionally graded Al-SiCp composites were fabricated using pressureless infiltration process. Microstructure was examined and thermal properties were characterized for Al-SiCp composites. Al-SiCp composites with fairly uniform distribution and compositional gradient of SiC reinforcement in the Al matrix though the thickness direction was successfully fabricated. The thermal conductivity of Al-SiCp composites was measured at room temperature, 200°C and 400°C using laser flash method. Thermal conductivity of Al-SiCp composites increases non-linearly with decreasing the volume fraction of SiC. Cyclic thermal shock fatigue tests were performed by immersing Al-SiCp functionally graded materials(FGM) into water from the various heating temperatures of 400°C , 300°C and 200°C , repeatedly. After cyclic thermal shock fatigue tests, micro-hardness was measured and formation of cracks was investigated.e fati



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 449-452)

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S.-G. Kang and T. Kobayashi




K. M. Cho et al., "Thermal Properties and Fracture Behavior of Compositionally Graded Al-SiCp Composites", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 449-452, pp. 621-624, 2004

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March 2004




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