Microwave Behavior of α-Fe/Fe3B/Y2O3 and ε-Fe3N/Y2O3 Resin Composites in GHz Range


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Nanocompositesα-Fe/Fe3B/Y2O3 and ε-Fe3N/Y2O3 were prepared by a melt-spun technique, and the subsequent hydrogenation, oxidation and nitrogenation treatments, respectively. The effective electromagnetic wave absorption (RL<-20 dB) was obtained in a frequency range of 2.7-6.5 GHz on resin composites of 80 wt% α-Fe/Fe3B/Y2O3 powders, with thickness of 6-3 mm; the ε-Fe3N/Y2O3 resin composites exhibited good microwave absorption properties in the 0.6-4.4 GHz range.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 449-452)

Edited by:

S.-G. Kang and T. Kobayashi




K. Machida et al., "Microwave Behavior of α-Fe/Fe3B/Y2O3 and ε-Fe3N/Y2O3 Resin Composites in GHz Range", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 449-452, pp. 769-772, 2004

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March 2004




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