Designing, Processing and Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 449-452

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Nyung Lee

Abstract: Asymmetric rolling, in which the circumferential velocities of the upper and lower rolls are different, can give rise to intense ...

Authors: James C. Williams

Abstract: Product performance including the cost of ownership is becoming increasingly dependent on the availability of high quality, high...

Authors: Toshiro Kobayashi

Abstract: To determine the toughness of materials, Charpy V notch test has been widely utilized over the world. This method is easy to conduct, but...

Authors: Veeramuthu Vaithianathan, C. Wolverton, Long Qing Chen

Abstract: This short article reports our recent effort to integrate the mesoscale phase-field method with first-principles total energy calculations,...

Authors: Xin Hua Wu, D. Hu, M.H. Loretto

Abstract: The IRC has carried out a major research programme over the last ten or so years aimed at developing the processing and optimisation of...

Authors: Yasuhiro Miura, Kentaro Ihara

Abstract: An experimental study on the microstructure development and stress–strain behavior during high temperature deformation of aluminum (Al)...

Authors: Masahiko Morinaga, Hiroshi Yukawa

Abstract: A molecular orbital approach to alloy design has recently made great progress. This approach is based on the electronic structure...

Authors: Jun Akedo

Abstract: Aerosol deposition method (ADM) for shock-consolidation of fine ceramics powder to form dense and hard layers is reported. Submicron ceramic...

Authors: Hun Chul Kang, Sang Hwan Lee, Dong Hyuk Shin, Kyung Jong Lee, Seon Jin Kim, Kyung Sub Lee

Abstract: The quantitative analysis of precipitates in ferrite was investigated using the fact that the formation of precipitates in Nb, V and Ti...

Authors: Jong Taek Yeom, J.H. Park, J.W. Lee, Nho Kwang Park

Abstract: Friction welding of dissimilar materials, Ni-base superalloy IN713LC and oil-quench plus tempered AISI 4140 steel, was investigated....


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