Pendeo Epitaxial Growth of 3C-SiC on Si Substrates


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Materials Science Forum (Volumes 457-460)

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Roland Madar, Jean Camassel and Elisabeth Blanquet




A. Shoji et al., "Pendeo Epitaxial Growth of 3C-SiC on Si Substrates", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 457-460, pp. 257-260, 2004

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June 2004




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[111] .

[111] [-110] 5µm seed 3C-SiC Fig. 5 Cross-sectional SEM micrographs of the pendeo epitaxial layer of 3C-SiC on (111) Si. (a) sample after regrowth for 15 min. (b) sample after regrowth for 30 min. The 3C-SiC laterally grown layer coalesced with 3C-SiC which grew from the bottom of Si grooves.


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