A Statistical Mechanics Theory of Grain Deformation and Its Prediction of Dynamical Recovery and Recrystallization


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A novel statistical mechanics approach to quantify the effects of hot rolling and deformation on the formation of dislocations in a single grain scenario is presented. The dislocations are dealt as equilibrium defects in the crystal structure, which is assumed to be deformed via the formation of dislocations or single atom displacements at the grain boundary, which involve breaking their bonds and are thus termed “bond breaking atoms”. The deformation process is applied to steels of a variety of grain size and dislocations densities. The model has the capacity to describe the grain energy increase as a function of crystallography, grain sizes, temperature and degree of deformation, providing thus an aid in predicting the conditions for dynamic recovery and recrystallization.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 467-470)

Edited by:

B. Bacroix, J.H. Driver, R. Le Gall, Cl. Maurice, R. Penelle, H. Réglé and L. Tabourot




P. E.J. Rivera-Díaz-del-Castillo and S. van der Zwaag, "A Statistical Mechanics Theory of Grain Deformation and Its Prediction of Dynamical Recovery and Recrystallization", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 467-470, pp. 87-92, 2004

Online since:

October 2004




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