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Authors: Mats Hillert
Abstract:The historical development of the two approaches to the interaction between solute atoms and a migrating interface, based on dissipation of...
Authors: Hélène Réglé, Naoki Maruyama, Naoki Yoshinaga
Abstract:In this paper we present results obtained in collaboration between NSC and Arcelor on the austenite of a multiphased steel and on a...
Authors: F. Bai, P. Cizek, Eric J. Palmiere, Mark W. Rainforth
Abstract:The development of physically-based models of microstructural evolution during hot deformation of metallic materials requires knowledge of...
Authors: Mustafa Benyoucef, S. Jakani, Thierry Baudin, Marie Helene Mathon, Richard Penelle
Abstract:The analysis of the microstructure deformation and the static recovery were investigated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM)...
Authors: Rénald Brenner, O. Castelnau, Brigitte Bacroix
Abstract:The description of the mechanical state of a polycrystal is presented in the framework of the mean-field approaches and attention is paid to...
Authors: Shi Hoon Choi, Kwang Geun Chin
Abstract:This study has been conducted to evaluate the orientation-dependent stored energy of deformed grains from the data measured using electron...
Authors: B.J. Duggan, Y.Y. Tse, G.J. Shen
Abstract:In an investigation of nucleation of recrystallisation in an Interstitial Free steel it was found that new crystals were almost always...
Authors: Ph. Gerber, Thierry Baudin, S. Jakani, Marie Helene Mathon, Brigitte Bacroix
Abstract:Wire-drawn copper has been investigated with Electron Back Scattered Diffraction technique in a Scanning Electron Microscope after...
Authors: H. Jazaeri, John F. Humphreys
Abstract:High resolution Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) in a field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEGSEM) was used to study...
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