Effect of Ti on Formability of IF Steels


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The influence of the texture development in Ti-added (0.03, 0.05 and 0.07wt%) IF (Interstitial Free) steels on physical properties, especially ř -value was investigated. It was intended to determine the proper Ti content for the promotion of deep drawability as well as mechanical properties of IF steels. The precipitation behavior in the IF steels was clarified with the aid of computer simulation. The quantitative X-ray analysis on the texture development of IF steels was performed using pole figure and orientation distribution function measurement. For the IF steel with the composition of 0.025C, 0.070Mn, 0.002N and 0.007S, the optimum Ti content was found to be 0.05wt%.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 475-479)

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Z.Y. Zhong, H. Saka, T.H. Kim, E.A. Holm, Y.F. Han and X.S. Xie




S. Y. Kim et al., "Effect of Ti on Formability of IF Steels", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 475-479, pp. 195-198, 2005

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January 2005




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