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Authors: Dong Nyung Lee

Abstract: Vapor-, electro-, and electroless-deposits have usually strong fiber textures. When annealed, the deposits undergo recrystallization or...

Authors: K. Lu

Abstract: Due to the ultrafine grains (or domains or particles) and a high density of grain boundaries (or generally interfaces) in nanostructured...

Authors: T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: In order to diminish the industrial pollution to maintain the sustainable development and to reduce the cost of the steel production, a...

Authors: Niels Hansen, X. Huang

Abstract: Structural refinement in interstitial free (IF) steels has been obtained by three different methods: (i) deformation by cold or warm...

Authors: Yunqing Ma, Jae Eun Jin, Young Kook Lee

Abstract: A lot of works for developing the structural nano-materials have been performed all over the world in recent years. Severe deformation...

Authors: Zu Qing Sun, Wang Yue Yang, Jun Jie Qi

Abstract: The concept of deformation-enhanced transformation of ferrite in plain low carbon steel is introduced. The characteristics are presented....

Authors: Toshiyasu Nishimura

Abstract: The iron rust phase has been analyzed by using EPMA, TEM and EIS after simulating marine corrosion tests. The ultrafine grained (UFG)...

Authors: Tadashi Shinohara, Shin-ichi Motoda, Wataru Oshikawa

Abstract: An ACM (Atmospheric Corrosion Monitor) type corrosion sensor, consisting of a Fe-Ag galvanic couple was developed and applied for the...

Authors: Young Kook Lee, Jin-Myung Hong, Chong Sool Choi, Jae Kon Lee

Abstract: Effects of niobium content and cooling rate on ferrite and bainite start temperatures (Ar3, Bs) and microstructural features have been...


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