Preparation and Characterization of TeO2 Based Glasses


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Binary and ternary TeO2 based oxy-chloride glass systems have been prepared and characterised by absorption and low-temperature photoluminescence spectroscopy, and by the measurements of dc electrical conductivity. Prepared glasses exhibit transmittance 75-80% in a broad transmission range 0.3 – 6.5µm with modest shift of upper absorption edge to longer wavelength as heavier ions are introduced into the system. Electronic transitions between 4f-4f inner shells of Pr3+ ions embedded into the host glass have been investigated in a wide temperature range as a function of used precursors used for doping. The temperature dependence of dc electrical conductivity exhibits Arrhenius plots with the single activation energy. PACS codes 81.05.Kf, 78.20.Ci, 78.55.Hx



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 480-481)

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A. Méndez-Vilas




J. Pedlíková et al., "Preparation and Characterization of TeO2 Based Glasses", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 480-481, pp. 315-322, 2005

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March 2005




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