Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture

Volume 482

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.J. McEvily

Abstract: The behavior of short fatigue cracks is a matter of importance not only because much of the fatigue lifetime is spent in propagating these...

Authors: Wolfgang Dietzel, Michael Pfuff, Guido G. Juilfs

Abstract: Fracture mechanics based test and evaluation techniques are used to gain insight into the phenomenon of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and...

Authors: Glenn E. Beltz, Margherita Chang, Anna Machová
Authors: Takayuki Kitamura, Yoshitaka Umeno, Akihiro Kushima

Abstract: The ideal (theoretical) strength was originally defined as the stress or strain at which perfect crystal lattice became mechanically...

Authors: Mojmír Šob, Jaroslav Pokluda, Miroslav Černý, Pavel Šandera, V. Vitek

Abstract: The state of the art of ab-initio calculations of the theoretical strength (TS) of materials is summarized and a database of selected...

Authors: Martin J. Hÿtch, Jean-Luc Putaux, Jean-Michel Pénisson

Abstract: The geometric phase technique (GPA) for measuring the distortion of crystalline lattices from high-resolution electron microscopy (HRTEM)...

Authors: Jaroslav Polák, Jiří Man, Karel Obrtlík

Abstract: The possibilities of atomic force microscopy in studying surface features and early fatigue damage in materials are reviewed. Examples of a...

Authors: Y. Katz, W. Mook, R. Mukherjee, A. Gidwani, J. Deneen, William W. Gerberich

Abstract: In elastic plastic solids, approaching the sub micron scale, critical experiments indicated significant differences in the mechanical...

Authors: Tadao Watanabe, Sadahiro Tsurekawa

Abstract: This paper discusses micropstructural aspects of brittleness fracture of polycrystalline materials caused by intergranular fracture....

Authors: Václav Paidar, Pavel Lejček

Abstract: Grain boundaries are decisive for many properties of materials. Due to short-range stress field their influence is primarily based on their...


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