Computational Modelling of Spherical Cavity Behaviour in Rubber-Like Solids


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A characteristic rubber failure process, termed cavitation, has been observed and analysed by several authors. This paper deals with the stress concentration effect of a hypothetical void (cavity) that is assumed to be present in rubber-like solids. Commercial software based on finite element method and up-to-date Arruda-Boyce material model is used here for rubber material behaviour modelling. A detailed study of the effects of particular material parameters on the cavity behaviour under far-field hydrostatic tension condition is presented. The results are compared to those, which can be obtained for the case of simple neo-hookean material model of rubber. In opposite to standard crystalline materials there is no general failure criterion applicable for elastomeric materials. This analysis is motivated by the endeavour to determine a general criterion describing the failure of elastomers as a consequence of static loading.



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Jaroslav Pokluda




P. Skacel and J. Bursa, "Computational Modelling of Spherical Cavity Behaviour in Rubber-Like Solids", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 482, pp. 323-326, 2005

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April 2005




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