Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture

Volume 482

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rodolfo-Martín Rodriguez, I. Ocaña-Arizcorreta, A. Martín-Meizoso

Abstract: High strength steels are characterized by their high yield strength, but to guarantee a safe design, a sufficiently large fracture toughness...

Authors: C. Moya-Gutiérrez, I. Ocaña-Arizcorreta, A. Martín-Meizoso

Abstract: The general objective of the present work is to study the brittle fracture of the coarsegrain heat-affected zone (CGHAZ) of a C-Mn steel....

Authors: Martin Petrenec, Veronique Aubin, Jaroslav Polák, Suzanne Degallaix

Abstract: Austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel has been subjected to uniaxial and biaxial nonproportional cyclic loading with the same...

Authors: Jakub Čížek, Ivan Procházka, Bohumil Smola, Ivana Stulíková, Radomír Kužel, Z. Matěj, V. Cherkaska, Olya B. Kulyasova, Rinat K. Islamgaliev

Abstract: Bulk samples of pure Mg and Mg-Gd alloys were prepared by high-pressure torsion (HPT). The HPT made samples exhibit ultra fine grained...

Authors: B. David, N. Pizúrová, O. Schneeweiss, Petr Bezdička, J. Filip, R. Alexandrescu, I. Morjan, A. Crunteanu, I. Voicu

Abstract: We are reporting the core-shell structured iron/graphite nanoparticles formed by annealing of a nanopowder. The original Fe-C-N based...

Authors: Jozef Janovec, Monika Jenko, Jaroslav Pokluda, B. Vlach, Pavel Lejček, Milan Svoboda, Pavel Šandera
Authors: Jiří Kroc

Abstract: This paper continues in the previous research focussed to two simple questions. The first one reads: ”What is the influence of anisotropy...

Authors: O. Jašek, M. Eliáš, Z. Frgala, Jiřina Matějková, Antonín Rek, M. Kadlečíková

Abstract: Carbon based films on silicon substrates have been studied by high resolution FE SEM equipped by an EDS analyzer. The first type are carbon...

Authors: Jakub Čížek, Ivan Procházka, Bohumil Smola, Ivana Stulíková, Radomír Kužel, Miroslav Cieslar, Z. Matěj, V. Cherkaska, Gerhard Brauer, W. Anwand, Rinat K. Islamgaliev, Olya B. Kulyasova

Abstract: In the present work, positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS) is employed for microstructure investigations of various ultra fine grained...


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