Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture

Volume 482

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Klaus Unterweger, Otmar Kolednik

Abstract: Particle reinforced MMCs with a particle size of 100µm and an aluminium matrix (Al6061) are analyzed by the means of automatic local...

Authors: I. Sabirov, Otmar Kolednik

Abstract: The relation between the local and global values of the fracture initiation toughness is investigated for a cast Al6061-based metal matrix...

Authors: Barbora Bártová, Jan Verner, Dalibor Vojtěch, A. Gemperle, M. Čerňanský

Abstract: The paper reports on a detailed investigation of microstructure and phase composition of rapidly solidified and annealed AlNi18.5 and...

Authors: Luboš Náhlík, Zdeněk Knésl, F. Kroupa

Abstract: Plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings contain a high density of intrasplat microcracks which are responsible for small Young’s moduli and low...

Authors: Emilie Ferrié, Jean Yves Buffière, Wolfgang Ludwig

Abstract: In-situ fatigue tests monitored by Synchrotron Radiation X-ray microtomography were carried out in order to visualize the three dimensional...

Authors: Suzanne Degallaix, Florence Jaupitre, Djimedo Kondo, Philippe Quaegebeur, Pierre Forget

Abstract: In order to model the mechanical behaviour of an austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel thanks to "composite" micromechanical non-linear...

Authors: A.A. Shaniavski

Abstract: Fatigue fracture features such as pseudo- and fatigue striations were investigated for the Al-alloys AL-Si-Mg and Acoustic Emission (AE) was...

Authors: Ivan Saxl, Petr Ponížil, Katarína Sülleiová

Abstract: The estimators proportional to (NA(x,y)NA(x,z)NA(y,z))1/2 and (NL(x)NL(y)NL(z)) obtained by profile and intercept counts are recommended by...

Authors: Dalibor Vojtěch, Tomáš Kubatík, Hana Čížová

Abstract: The paper describes a positive influence of silicon on the high-temperature oxidation resistance of titanium. Since silicon additions can...

Authors: O. Kubová, Lucie Bačáková, Václav Švorčík

Abstract: Polymers with modified surface structure are useful for medicine applications. This study is focused on the surface properties of polymers...


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