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Authors: Regina Mikulíková, Kateřina Kolářová, Lucie Bačáková, Václav Švorčík
Abstract:Physical and chemical properties of polyethylene (PE) films doped with calcium salt of oxycellulose (Ca-oxy) and its interaction with cells...
Authors: Gianni Nicoletto, Luca Collini, Radomila Konečná, P. Bujnová
Abstract:Fracture mechanisms of ferritic/pearlitic nodular cast iron are influenced by the heterogeneous matrix microstructure. This contribution is...
Authors: Hynek Lauschmann, Filip Šiška, Ivan Nedbal
Abstract:A new concept of counting time at fatigue processes is proposed, aimed to reach fractographic compatibility in cases of different loading...
Authors: Karel Slámečka, Jaroslav Pokluda
Abstract:The paper deals with a profile analysis of the fracture surface generated by pure cyclic torsion. Roughness and fractal characteristics...
Authors: Petr Lukáš, Ludvík Kunz, Milan Svoboda, J. Čadek
Abstract:Creep behaviour of two types of superalloy single crystals of the orientation <001> was studied at 850 °C in air to assess their relative...
Authors: Hajo Dieringa, Amanda L. Bowles, Norbert Hort, Karl Ulrich Kainer
Authors: Vlastimil Vodárek, Gabriela Rožnovská, Jaromír Sobotka
Abstract:The long-term creep rupture tests have been carried out on three casts of a type AISI 316LN steel at 600 and 650°C. Two of the casts...
Authors: Margarita Slámová, P. Sláma, Petr Homola, Miroslav Karlík
Abstract:Inner panels of modern ecological cars are nowadays manufactured from Al-Mg alloys. Continuously twin-roll cast sheets are a cost effective...
Authors: Kyohei Kawamoto, Y. Aoki, Yasuji Oda, Takeshi Yoshimura, Hiroshi Noguchi, Kenji Higashida
Abstract:In order to clarify the effects of hydrogen on the fatigue characteristics of an austenitic stainless steel, bending fatigue tests were...
Authors: S. Di Iorio, L. Briottet, Edgar F. Rauch, Didier Guichard
Abstract:A two parameters rupture criterion for Ti-6Al-4V is proposed, based on cryogenic rupture tests. microstructural observations and FEM...
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