Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture

Volume 482

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Petr Haušild, Clotilde Berdin, Andreas Rossoll

Abstract: The finite element method was used in order to compute the energy balance and the stress-strain distribution in the Charpy V-notch...

Authors: Vladislav Kozák, Libor Vlček

Abstract: The base of this paper is exact measurement of deformation and fracture material characteristics in laboratory, evaluation of these...

Authors: Gernot Trattnig, Christof Sommitsch, Reinhard Pippan

Abstract: To understand the crack growth in massive forming and to consequentially avoid crack growth in workpieces, it is necessary to investigate...

Authors: Radek Kolman, Jiří Plešek, Michal Landa

Abstract: RUS−resonant ultrasound spectroscopy is a recent experimental−numerical method for the determination of moduli of elastic materials....

Authors: K.G. Gatos, A.A. Apostolov, J. Karger-Kocsis

Abstract: The nanocomposite formation in ethylene/propylene/diene rubber (EPDM) mixed with montmorillonite modified with octadecylamine (MMT-ODA) was...

Authors: Michal Landa, Václav Novák, Petr Sedlák, Lluís Mañosa, Petr Šittner

Abstract: Elastic constants of solids were, until recently, evaluated predominantly by pulse-echo ultrasonic methods which are based on measuring the...

Authors: S. Kúdela, H. Wendrock, L. Ptáček, S. Menzel, K. Wetzig

Abstract: Fibers fracture in tensile strained Mg and MgLi matrix composites strengthened with ~10% vol. short δ-Al2O3 fibers (Saffil) is investigated...

Authors: Y. Kitahara, H. Shimazaki, T. Yabu, Hiroshi Noguchi, Michiru Sakamoto, Hideto Ueno

Abstract: It is common knowledge that Mg is very light and high specific strength material. But there is a problem that Mg alloy easily burns during...

Authors: Zuzanka Trojanová, Zoltán Száraz

Abstract: The high temperature behaviour of composites with the AS21 magnesium alloy matrix, reinforced by short Saffil fibres was investigated in the...

Authors: Miroslava Ernestová

Abstract: The paper summarizes results of tensile tests in low alloy steel (LAS) specimens (steels 15Kh2MFA and 15Kh2NMFA). Slow Strain Rate Tensile...


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