Microstructures in the Pendeo Epitaxial Layer of 3C-SiC on Si Substrate


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The pendeo epitaxial growth has been applied for the growth of 3C-SiC on (001) Si substrates. This growth was performed by VPE using hexamethyldisilane (HMDS) as a source gas. To characterize the crystallinity of the seed 3C-SiC and the pendeo epitaxial layer, the high resolution transmission electron microscopic (HRTEM) analysis was carried out. In the vertically grown layer on the seed 3C-SiC, the high-defect-density regions were observed. On the contrary, the low-defect-density regions were observed in the laterally grown layer. It was revealed from the TEM observations that lattice information can be transferred through the seed 3C-SiC while defects can be prevented from propagating into the epitaxial layer due to the presence of the air gap.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 483-485)

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Dr. Roberta Nipoti, Antonella Poggi and Andrea Scorzoni




A. Shoji et al., "Microstructures in the Pendeo Epitaxial Layer of 3C-SiC on Si Substrate", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 483-485, pp. 221-224, 2005

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May 2005




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