Large Area DPB Free (111) β-SiC Thick Layer Grown on (0001) α-SiC Nominal Surfaces by the CF-PVT Method


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Thick (111) oriented β-SiC layers have been grown by hetero-epitaxy on a (0001) a-SiC substrate with the Continuous Feed-Physical Vapour Transport (CF-PVT) method. The growth rate was 68 µm/h at a pressure of 2 torr and a temperature of 1950°C. The nucleation step of the β-SiC layer during the heating up of the process was studied in order to manage first the a to b heteropolytypic transition and second the selection of the b-SiC orientation. With a adapted seeding stage, we grew a 0.4mm thick layer almost free of Double Positioning Boundaries on a 30mm diameter sample. First observations of the layer by cross-polarised optical Microscopy are presented both in planar view and in cross section geometry.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 483-485)

Edited by:

Dr. Roberta Nipoti, Antonella Poggi and Andrea Scorzoni




D. Chaussende et al., "Large Area DPB Free (111) β-SiC Thick Layer Grown on (0001) α-SiC Nominal Surfaces by the CF-PVT Method", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 483-485, pp. 225-228, 2005

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May 2005




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